Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mother's Day & me...

Mother's Day 2011 is nearly over & as I reflect on it comes back to a sense of loss yet weirdly the promise of hope.

See I lost my Mum in 2008 surprisingly, quickly and tragically, she died of a DVT after a 6 week overseas holiday, I never got to say goodbye and I never got to tell her that I loved her.....

This time of year for me is the pits, her birthday was May 5 and so quickly after is Mother's Day.

I also feel torn becuase I am a Mum, I have two sons, 17 and 12 and they want to spoil me on Mother's Day, breakfast in bed, warm cups of coffee and hugs, not to mention the presents. We went out for Yum Cha today and had a great time, we laughed and joked and really enjoyed our family of four.

I saw this quote just recently attached to a great piece of art which I have tried to find the source but have been unable but I wanted to share the sentiment...

'My heart is broken.......but I have some glue'    Anon

I have come to realise that my children are my 'glue', they can take me to amazing places, at times complete and utter frustration, anger even, to sheer joy and a full to overflowing heart.

My heart is mending a little bit at a time and on Mother's Day you can't really ask for more than that!

Lisa xx


  1. Beautifully written Lisa. I'm so proud of you for putting your thoughts out there (so perfectly, mind you). I thought of you today. I wish that your mum was here to celebrate it with you.

    I'm glad you have your glue. xx

  2. What an entrance, Lisa! Your first post is a beauty. Cheers to glue and lots and lots of it. x

  3. Great post - our children are indeed our glue and I'm glad that you enjoyed your day!

  4. Beautiful... sending love to your healing heart,

    Moodi Mumma xo

  5. Beautiful! Happy mothers day.

  6. Lovely post honey *hugs* xo

  7. I think that we should regard our moms not only one specific day of the year. After all they are the reason we exist. Beautifully written Lisa!