Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Twitter - how you have changed me......

I have had a Twitter account since June 2009 but it is only in the last 6 months that I have jumped in with both feet & embraced it. Twitter, you have changed my life.....

I have been exposed to so much more than my suburban life in the north west suburbs of Sydney would have ever taken me.

I have meet cancer warriors who are now very dear to my heart. I have tweeted through their chemo, their operations, their ups & downs, their day to day struggles & feel so very privileged that they have let me become a part of their life. Thank you @MariaKyrie, @marksporter, @phoebesmoon, @annemiekeh & @aimlesaimers.

I have met life warriors, the amazing @catebolt whose day to day drive in times of personal adverstiy still manages to continue to raise awareness & much needed funding for her beloved orphans in Bali @Project_18 as well as raising awareness to issues that are so very dear to her heart. Thank you Cate.

I have met grieving Mum's like @mamamaya who has lost the 3 year old love of her life, her baby @rockstarronan from a horrid childhood cancer. I follow her journey daily now, she is now a part of the fabric of my life & doesn't even know it! I like so many others around the world released balloons the day he was laid to rest & I am proud of that. Thank you Maya.

I have met people just like me who spend time on Twitter at all hours of the day & night, depending on our sleep patterns. We have talked about depression, origami, bad backs, man flu, 100 day cough, earthquakes, use-by dates, parents, grandparents, love & loss. I have only just touched the surface. Thank you.

I have met THE most amazing Mummy Bloggers & I have @KerriSackville to thank for this. Kerri has written a fabulous book, 'When My Husband does the dishes'. Kerri put the call out through Twitter about who would like to attend her Book Launch & I was feeling rather brave so replied yes, never really believing that I would be invited, well guess what, I was!

I stepped out of my comfort zone in a big way, I used Twitter to meet with Tweeps before the launch for a drink & it was here I met @propinqua, @TwitchyCorner, @stellaorbit, @KallieT, @danyadoi, @ptmaree, @macsnorky, @traceyb65 & @anIdleDad. They made me feel welcome from the beginning & for that I say thank you.

Once I got to the actual launch I was in awe, here were all these people who I had just started to have fun with on Twitter & now they were right here in front of me. I got to meet @Nicky_Lavigne who I have since spent some time with & she is one of life's true gentle & loving souls. @Edenland & I got to watch as Mrs Woog aka @Woogsworld stole a bite of a strangers kebab. I shared a laugh with @StMurphy as Mrs Woog's date. Is it here that I confess that I thought (for only a minute) that he was Mr Woog, no, that might be a tad embaressing, oh well! I drove to the after launch party with @FatMumSlim & got to meet @lgcollard, @bern_morley, @Annieb25, @MsDovic, @kylie_ladd, @Just_Leithal, perved at @Daniellsenhood (come on, you know I wasn't the only one!), @lisaheidke, @mummytime, @StylingYou, @SeraphimSP, @sharpestpencil & @SquigglyRick, who continues everyday to draw my attention in his job as News Editor at @MamamiaNews to some very important things in life. I am sure I have forgotten some & for that I am sorry! What I do want to say is you make me laugh, you make me cry & you make me think. Thank you.

I have been to Neil Diamond with @GillLotter, don't know where she sat or what she looked like but we had a great time. Thank you.

I've watched TV shows because Twitter has suggested it, Angry Boys - am not yet quite convinced on that one, I love Chris Lilley but am reserving my judgement. Catalyst on Infertility, Four Corners on livestock transportation to Indonesia, QandA - interesting & topical viewing, to name a few & the most recent Go Back to Where you came From, last night. Thought provoking, I have recorded it so my entire family can sit down together, uninterrupted & watch what I think & hope will become life changing television. Thank you.

So Twitter, you have changed me, for the better I feel. Thank you.

Lisa xx


  1. Twitter has also changed my life. Without Twitter and the wonderful supporters I have met through Twitter, like you, I couldn't have achieved any of the things I have. Anyone who doesn't get Twitter hasn't really tried or given it the time. There are 33 children in Bali who will tell you Twitter is the greatest thing on earth - and they've never even used it.

  2. I love this, Lisa. I'm so glad I know you. Love, Amy (@aimlessaimers)

  3. Lisa it's bizarre because I've never met you, but feel I know you so well from Twitter. I can honestly say you're one of the kindest, sweetest friends I have. You've been such a great support throughout my cancer crapola. So glad I met you & got a Twitter account! xxx Love, @MariaKyrie

  4. as i contemplate flying down to Melbourne for Kylie Ladd's book launch/reading, i can but heartily agree. maybe it found me at the right time, when my kids are older and don't need my 24 hour attention? but it is my grown-up thing and my link to the broader world, a hint of how my life might shift and expand as my family grows … and lovely to meet you too! xt

  5. I love Twitter for all the reasons above. When I first joined, there was no way I was even going to contemplate meeting anyone in real life. As the weeks and months passed, and I got to know my Tweeps better, I couldn't think of anything more fun than to meet these wonderful new friends face to face. I can now call a few really good friends.

  6. I feel a similar way to you Lisa, Twitter has come into my life when I feel distant to many that are close to me and now, closer to many who are distant. I've had many lovely thoughts come my way when things have gone pear shaped. I am thinking more, planning more, writing posts and I'm enriched by all the clever thinkers I have met here, some in real life too. It's a great step forward xx

  7. I just recently started using twitter and it is ggggreat! I mean, its so easy for other people to get updated on whats happening with you and for you to get updated on the new things in their lives.Its just so convenient!