Saturday, 25 February 2012

I'm sorry.....

I have never done this before...

Today I read a post that really struck a cord with me over at Edenland's blog, a link is to the right of this post, it was about being sorry, so here goes...

I'm sorry that at times I'm not the person you want me to be.

I'm sorry that I make mistakes & struggle at times with being a wife, mother & friend.

I'm sorry that I am no longer a daughter.

I'm sorry that I can't make you happier.

I'm sorry that I never feel good enough.

Does it makes sense to say that I am not sorry for being sorry? Feeling sorry causes me pain, but that pain makes me realize I am alive & exactly where I want to be....

Lisa xxx


  1. it absolutely makes sense- and knowing you are exactly where you want to be, brings much freedom and strength x

  2. It makes perfect sense, I am not sorry for being sorry either.

  3. Lisa, thank you so much for linking up. How many of us are sorry for not feeling good enough?! So many of us. We should start a rebellion ... oh, it looks like we HAVE. x

  4. I agree, it makes total sense not to be sorry for being sorry. Is it human nature for us to feel sorry for things that, sometimes, we cannot even control? I don't know. I do know I'm sorry for a lot of stuff and I'm not sorry about that at all!

  5. You are absolutely making sense to me. Sometimes I feel the same as you. I don’t feel sorry for being sorry.

  6. Probably the most relieving way to forgive yourself for the mistakes you have done is to ask for forgiveness, admitting that you have been wrong. We all have a lot to be sorry for and happily are still being loved for what we truly are and we give love in return.